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Abu Dhabi.- Ali & Sons has moved a step closer to becoming major glass manufacturers in the UAE...


Abu Dhabi.- Ali & Sons is branching out into the manufacture of AAC light weight concrete blocks...

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P.O. Box 915, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
Phone: +971-2-6723900
Fax: +971-2-6722676

Spectrum Light Block Factory:
Phone: +971-2-5500702
Fax: +971-2-5500703

Spectrum Glass Factory:
Phone: +971-2-5501650
Fax: +971-2-5501656

Our Services

Turn Key Projects

Often overlooked but one of the most important decision establishing a new business is the location. In depth research about the right location accompanied by thorough market research will assure the best location for a new venture. The new building and its Office, Warehouse, Production or Service areas have to be optimise to guarantee smooth communication and work flow. Possible future expansions will be taken in consideration when planning the location and buildings.

An integral part of Turn Key Projects is the selection of correct equipment. This has to be properly reviewed bearing peak hours in mind while avoiding capacity shortages and down times.

Ali & Sons Industrial Projects will then continue to assist in sourcing raw material suppliers, appoint the right key personnel, advice on soft and hardware equipment and make sure that the required Certifications like ISO will be obtained.

Two Turn Key Projects realised by Ali & Sons Industrial Projects are Spectrum Glass and Spectrum Light Block.

Sourching Machinery

Language barrier and limited human resources are often guiding companies to look at locally available machinery solutions. Sometimes companies are overlooking the fact that much better suited machinery or equipment could be sourced through a well experienced sourcing company.

Crossing language barriers and understanding implementations and service needs in the UAE, Ali & Sons Industrial Projects will assist industrial companies to purchase the right equipment thus guaranteeing optimum machinery solution for their production needs.

Ask Ali & Sons Industrial Projects to be your partner in purchasing or optimising your machinery or/and equipment requirements.


Consultants can be found everywhere and in every industry. No consultancy standards exist in the UAE and to select the right consultant could be a challenge itself. Ali & Sons Industrial Projects makes sure that your requirements are met by people experienced in the Industry you are operating in.

From the drawing board to organisation flow, from architectural specifications to warehouse logistics, from production layout to production flow, from raw material supplier to staff requirement, from market survey to feasibility study, Ali & Sons Industrial Projects will consult you on all aspects around your business.

Ali & Sons Industrial Projects Consultants are guaranteeing you to receive the most favourable solution for your venture.

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